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Tillandsia tectorum (clone #2)
Tillandsia tectorum (clone #2)
Tillandsia tectorum (clone #2)
Tillandsia tectorum (clone #2)
Tillandsia tectorum (clone #2)

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Tillandsia tectorum (clone #2)

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This is a superior clone of the species that has been grown in cultivation from seed! This is a long and arduous process for any Tillandsia and especially such relatively slow species as these. A species supremely adapted to the harsh climate of the nearly rain free canyons of interior southern Ecuador and northern Peru. The plants, resembling cotton candy, are covered with a heavy coat of silver trichomes giving them an otherworldly appearance. In nature the plants use their trichomes to capture minute amounts of moisture from dew and frequent fogs which provide their major source moisture. The inflorescence is a spike with a cluster of pink branches and blue flowers. After blooming the plants produce a cluster of offsets at the base of the inflorescence. The plants require bright light, good air movement and little watering in cultivation. Maintain in bright light up to full sun, watering weekly is good but the plants must dry quickly. Do not allow them to remain wet for extended periods.

  • Mature size8" x 6"
Light Requirements
  • Indirect Sun
  • Full Shade
  • Part sun
  • Full sun
Water Requirements
  • Dry
  • Part Damp
  • Damp
  • Wet
Temperature Requirements
  • Cool
  • Intermediate
  • Warm
Blooming Seasons
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Fragrant
  • Not fragrant

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