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Neoregelia 'Andromeda'

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Neoregelia ‘Andromeda’

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A spectacular hybrid by Jim Irvin. This plant is a cultivar of johannis ‘DeRolf’ x olens and is a fairly large grower with an open rosette shape and light green leaves with red, apiculate leaf tips. With maturity, large areas of dark red and bright red veneer appear as banding and random blotching, growing denser with age until the leaves are almost red from the tips inward in some cases. At anthesis there’s a slight reddish flush in the center.

  • Size

    6-inch Pot

    • 6-inch Pot
  • Mature size12" x 20"
  • Indirect Sun
  • Full Shade
  • Part sun
  • Full sun
  • Dry
  • Part Damp
  • Damp
  • Wet
  • Cool
  • Intermediate
  • Warm
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Fragrant
  • Not fragrant

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