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Billbergia 'Casa Blanca'
Billbergia 'Casa Blanca'
Billbergia 'Casa Blanca'

code: 5265-6MP

Billbergia ‘Casa Blanca’

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A beautiful Bob Spivey hybrid made with two of Don Beadle’s better crosses: ‘Caramba’ x ‘Afterglow‘. A deep green plant so thoroughly covered with white mottling that the green is reduced to a thin web, outlining the white blotches. In good light the plant takes on a light pinkish wash. Extremely attractive with an upright, tubular rosette shape.

  • Size

    6-inch Pot (Multiple Plants)

    • 6-inch Pot (Multiple Plants)
    • 6-inch Pot
    • 5-inch Pot
    • 4-inch Pot
    • Offset
  • Mature size12" x 20"
Light Requirements
  • Indirect Sun
  • Full Shade
  • Part sun
  • Full sun
Water Requirements
  • Dry
  • Part Damp
  • Damp
  • Wet
Temperature Requirements
  • Cool
  • Intermediate
  • Warm
Blooming Seasons
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Fragrant
  • Not fragrant

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