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B47.jpg Bromeliaceae III - Francisco Oliva (B47)
©2002 Francisco Oliva-Esteve A total of 320 bromeliad species from throughout the Neotropics, representing 29 genera, are described and pictured. Spectacular habitat photographs set the scene for the plants. 9¾” x 13”. Hard cover. 274 pp. 564 color photos and 18 color and black/white line drawings.< ...more

B50.jpg Bromeliad Collections of Mindanao (B50)
Northern Mindanao Bromeliads ©2002 Juanilla Alfonso-Go 400+ beautiful color photos of spectacularly colored bromeliads grown on this Philippine island. 38 pages.
B80.jpg Bromeliad Hybrids 'For my own satisfaction' book 1 Neoregelias (B80)
Large format, paper bound, 210 x 295mm, 100 pages with 620 color photos, © 2010 Bill & Margaret Patterson.  This beautiful book is valuable not only for it's beautiful pictures, but also because it documents the prolific hybridizing work of Margaret over more than 30 years.  A handy in ...more

Bromeliads - Jack Kramer (B94)
Harper & Row, NY,  1st edition 1981, HC/DC, color, 8-1/2” x 11” 179 pages, “The Horticulturists Guide to a Houseplant of Unparalleled Beauty”. 
B8.jpg Bromeliads - New Cultural Manual (B8)
BROMELIADS A Cultural Manual, Bromeliad Society International. A newly rewritten version of the ever popular Cultural Manual, updated to reflect the recent nomenclature changes. A 44 page, 5½ x 8½in soft cover booklet with many new color photographs. Frequently asked questions are addressed ...more

B75.jpg BROMELIADS by Walter Richter (B75)
BROMELIADS by Walter Richter ©1977 Bromeliad Society International. Translated from the original German text by Adda Abendroth. 92 pages, a few b&w and color photos, 6 x 9 inches, soft cover. Doen not have the pizzaz of newer publications, but the information is top notch. If you read and compre ...more

B74.jpg BROMELIADS the New Generation (B74)
BROMELIADS the New Generation © 2010 Shane Zaghini 8.25 x 11.75, 46 pages, paperbound. Third in a series by Shane and once again a feast for the eyes. Hundreds of color photos of bromeliads of every kind, as grown in Australian gardens. Your ‘wish list’ will grow exponentially when you see ...more

B39.jpg Bromeliads: Next Generation (B39)
BROMELIADS, Next Generation ©2000 Zaghini 54 pages with 600 color photos. Many genera, very little text, 8 x 12in, paper.
Bromelien - Karl Zimmer (B109)
In German.  Botanik und Anzucht Ausgewahlter Arten – 1986, Verlag Paul Parey, Berlin– Studies in the Bromeliaceae.  Hard cover, 168 pages. 
Bromelien: Tillandsien Und Andere Kulturwurdige Bromelien - Werner Rauh (B108)
In German.  Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart Germany.  Update of 1970-1973 volumes.  1981, HC/DC,  440 pages. 

Note:  Used book, signature in front (not author), some plant names have been highlighted in yellow, probably by Bill, otherwise like new.

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